Christie and Romney to hold tele-town hall.

Gov. Chris Christie and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will hold a joint town hall meeting today at 5 p.m., speaking to voters by telephone.

The National Tele-Town Hall will include approximately 750,000 voters from states including Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, Florida, Colorado, Maine, Arizona, Michigan, Washington, Alaska, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia, according to a release from the Romney camp.

The Romney camp today announced that Christie will endorse the Republican candidate this afternoon.

Christie’s endorsement has been heavily sought after since his announcement last week that he would not seek the nomination himself.  Christie had at first refused to say who he would endorse in the race that at this point seems likey to come down to Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry,

The call-in number for the event is 800-454-2777.  The ID number is 18922.

Christie and Romney to hold tele-town hall.