Christie ‘can’t imagine’ VP call from Romney

Would he be Mitt Romney’s number two? Chris Christie said it’s not a question he has to answer yet.

“I can’t imagine that happening,” Christie said today when asked whether he would obliged if drafted by Romney for the veep spot. “I don’t have to worry about that now because I can’t imagine that happening.”

Christie covered his base by saying he’s first committed to governing the Garden State. “I have no expectation that the vice presidency…will be offered to me,” he said.

“If I wanted to (be on) the national scene I could have run for president,” Christie said. “We’re not going to start making decisions we don’t have to make before we have to make them…I have confidence in (Romney’s) judgment.”

It can’t hurt Christie’s chances that he’s sending Republican donors Romney’s way, like Paul Singer and Ken Langone – “I think you’re going to see more of them join” – not to mention lining up his resurrected Jersey GOP behind the former governor.

Christie ‘can’t imagine’ VP call from Romney