Christie coverage outpaces news of Steve Jobs death

Steve Jobs was an icon, whose passing sparked a wave of tributes from fans of the Apple guru’s technological and social genius.

But despite the rarefied air Jobs occupied, his passing last week garnered less media attention than Gov. Chris Christie’s performance of the presidential hokey pokey and other presidential election news.

According to a weekly study of media trends by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, Presidential politics – driven by Christie’s decision not to run for the presidency and to a lesser extent Gov. Rick Perry’s hunting camp and Sarah Palin’s anti-climactic announcement of her presidential non-intentions – was the second most covered story of the week, behind coverage of the economy – namely, Occupy Wall Street and the President’s jobs bill.

News of Jobs’ death was third in the amount of “newshole” devoted to it.

Christie also was one of the top five “newsmakers” of the week, according to the study.  The New Jersey governor was tied for 5th in the category with Perry. Both men appeared in 3 percent of stories studied by the center.  Barack Obama led the list, followed by Amanda Knox, who was acquitted last week after four years in prison.  Jobs was third, appearing in 5 percent of the stories studied.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism’s weekly News Coverage Index examines the news agenda of 52 different outlets from five sectors of the media: print, online, network TV, cable and radio.  The weekly study examines some 1,000 stories.

  Christie coverage outpaces news of Steve Jobs death