Christie liked Romney’s debate performance, loved SNL skit

PARAMUS – A day after Gov. Chris Christie announced his backing of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination, Christie said he was proud of Romney’s performance in Tuesday night’s Bloomberg debate.

“He just carried himself calmly, coolly, professionally,” Christie said, keeping in perspective the drawn-out interparty process. “Listen, it’s really early.”

Asked if he’d be Romney’s vice president, Christie shook off the question again. “He didn’t bring it up; I didn’t bring it up.” Predicting the next line of questioning, Christie said the same goes for U.S. Attorney General, director of Homeland Security, and down the line.

Saturday Night Live skewered the governor and the former governor last weekend, mere days before Christie and Romney nearly duplicated the skit in a real life press conference in New Hampshire.

“I thought it was absolutely hysterical,” Christie said, with one complaint. “(Next time) let me come on and push Mitt Romney off (the stage) and say, ‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday night.’ I’ve always wanted to say that. Haven’t you?” he said today.

Christie liked Romney’s debate performance, loved SNL skit