Christie raises more than $500k for state committee during Sept. week in Cali.

 Just under half of the Republican State Committee’s $1.4 million raised in the third quarter came from out of state sources, according to campaign finance records released today, and nearly all of that was raised during Gov. Chris Christie’s September fundraising jaunt around the country.

According to state Election Law Enforcement Records, the state committee raised $610,000 of its total $1.4 million third quarter haul out of state, with all but about $65,000 of that coming in during the governor’s fundraising trips to California and Missouri.

The trip to California coincided with Christie’s speech at the Reagan library and took place amid the feverish buzz surrounding a potential Christie presidential bid.

In all, the state committee brought in more than $330,000 from residents and business in California during the last week of September.  That week the governor attended three fundraisers in the state, including one hosted by Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett-Packard.  The committee raised another $153,500 from Missouri residents and businesses the same week.  Christie was in Clayton, Mo., for a fundraiser on Sept. 26.

Christie’s popularity on the national stage was not only on display in September.

In August, the committee received another $20,000 from a group of wealthy Iowa Republicans who had hoped to woo Christie into the presidential race.  The group met with Christie earlier this year at Drumthwacket, where they reportedly put the strong sell to Christie in an effort to recruit him.

Another $40,000 was raised during the last week of September from donors in other states, including $2,500 from former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft , Christie’s boss during his days as U.S. Attorney.  Another $2,500 came from a partner at Ashcroft’s firm.  Ashcroft is from Missouri, but his firm is located in Virginia.

The former AG was at the center of a controversy involving Christie, when the then-U.S. Attorney awarded his former boss a no-bid contract worth between $28 million and $52 million as part of a deferred prosecution agreement with Zimmer Holdings.  While there was no accusation of wrong-doing on the part of Christie or Ashcroft, the contract spurred an internal Justice Department inquiry into the department’s procedures for choosing the firms to act as outside monitors. Christie raises more than $500k for state committee during Sept. week in Cali.