Christie to endorse Romney today

Fox News reports that Gov. Chris Christie plans today to endorse Mitt Romney for president at a press conference in New Hampshire.

The endorsement comes a week after Christie formally announced his decision not to pursue the presidency himself.

Mitt Romney today announced the support of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“It is an honor to have Governor Chris Christie’s support,” Romney said later. “Governor Christie is a national leader in the fight to reform government and cut spending. His efforts in New Jersey are an example for the rest of the country. In my campaign for president, I am fighting for these same reforms and I am humbled to have his support.”

Announcing his support, Governor Christie said, “This is the most important election in generations. Whether we are able to fix our economy and get our country on the right track will have ramifications for decades. We cannot afford to continue on our current path. Mitt Romney has a life history of coming into struggling organizations and turning them around. Right now, we need someone like him in the White House to fundamentally change our economy and reverse three years of failed policies. Unlike our current president, Mitt Romney understands the economy from the inside out. Fixing the economy will not be easy, but Mitt has shown throughout his life that he has the leadership ability and expertise to lead our country toward a recovery. Republicans should recognize the importance of this election and realize that if they are serious about regaining the White House, Mitt Romney is the only candidate to back.”

Christie to endorse Romney today