City in Crisis

BY SHAHEED M. MORRIS The Mayor and Police department have lost control of our city.

Our serious crime report for today has grown too long to list and the day isn’t over yet. Police officers  are refusing to walk to the streets for concern over their own safety. They’re hired to protect and serve. If they refuse to walks the streets, they should join the list of other unemployed officers.

Trenton’s officers’ are equipped with guns and arresting power. I wish I could say the same about the elderly woman that lives alone on MLK Boulevard and is scared to come to her front door to retrieve her mail.  No one should have to live in fear. And certainly the cops shouldn’t have to work in fear.

The mayor’s office hasn’t said a word about the surge in crime.

We need a mayor that has a plan for crime. We need a mayor that doesn’t hide in his office. We need a mayor that takes challenges head on!  But we don’t have such a mayor.

Our city is in a crisis.  Trenton’s government has failed us and we are ashamed.   I suggest that council make a formal request to the county prosecutor to take over the police force until a new mayor can be elected.

Shaheed Morris is a Trenton citizen-activist City in Crisis