Codey advertises new round of GOP backers

Attempting to crush any general election life out of his Tea Party opponent, state Sen. Richard Codey (D-27) heaped another offering of GOP backers on top of the 12 he trotted out last month.

“This new wave of Republican endorsements of my candidacy for State Senate underscores what I have been hearing from constituents in the 27th legislative district: they want more teamwork and less bickering and name calling,” said Codey, who’s trying to fend off TP businessman William Eames.

“I have always been results oriented and have dedicated my career to serving those that elected me and that means working with both sides of the political spectrum because so often the issues that face us are not democratic issues or republican issues — they are human issues. I am proud and honored today to add the following Republicans to the list of Republican leaders that have endorsed me for State Senate:


Louis DeBell                               William Calabrese (endorsing Jasey and McKeon as well)

Mayor, Roseland                       Village President/Mayor, South Orange

1987-2002                                  1991-2007


Sebastian (Sam) Cerciello         Jeanne Parke

Councilman, Madison                Former Republican Chairperson, Livingston


  Codey advertises new round of GOP backers