DCA confirms Mack’s Trenton agreement on Transitional Aid

TRENTON – The state Department of Community Affairs confirmed an agreement with the city of Trenton to provide $22 million in state aid without requiring an elevated level of municipal oversight – which the department previously sought.

DCA spokesperson Lisa Ryan confirmed the agreement that Trenton Mayor Tony Mack announced earlier today on the municipal website.

“The Department of Community Affairs is pleased that the Trenton Mayor and City Council are acting in a unified manner to move the City of Trenton forward,” Ryan said in an email.

“This collaborative effort with the State will lead to the responsible governance expected by the public and the DCA, and will ultimately lead to reduced costs and improved operations for City taxpayers and residents.”

The Legislature has yet to restore the aid to the state budget; so realistically, Trenton cannot be awarded the $22 million yet.

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DCA confirms Mack’s Trenton agreement on Transitional Aid