De Blasio To Honor Francis Fox Piven

The Feminist Press–a 40 year old publishing house focusing on books related to women’s and social justice issues–is hosting their annual gala dinner Monday evening.

And Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is scheduled to be on hand, presenting an award to Francis Fox Piven, one of the nation’s pre-eminent sociologists and someone who has had a long career at the City University of New York, where the Feminist Press is located.

Ms. Piven though is no ordinary professor–she is someone who has become a lightning rod in conservative circles over the past several months.

Websites in the right-wing blogosphere burn up with videos in which Ms. Piven purports to tell students to prepare for the overthrow of Capitalism, or of articles in which they claim she advocates for a violent uprising against the American system, and of statements which they say reveal her to be “racist and sexist.”

Much of the kerfuffle was stirred up by right-wing talk show host Glenn Beck, and Ms. Piven has reported receiving death threats.  

  De Blasio To Honor Francis Fox Piven