Democrat Lesniak revs up Christie for Prez talk

Gov. Chris Christie disappointed national Republican backers last week when he formally announced he would not pursue the GOP nomination

Gov. Chris Christie disappointed national Republican backers last week when he formally announced he would not pursue the GOP nomination for president.

Apparently, the GOP wasn’t the only gloomy party.

Veteran Democratic state Sen. Ray Lesniak, (D-20), Elizabeth, says tough guy Christie may be letting his country down by not running for the Republican nomination for President and preventing any of the other unacceptable candidates from winning.

“Where is Chris Christie when the Republican Party needs him?  When our country may need him?” asked Lesniak, who initially thought that of all the candidates likely to emerge as the Republican Party’s choice to oppose President Obama, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney would be a safe choice for America as a successful businessman and effective governor of Massachusetts. 

“Upon further review, it’s apparent Romney’s the most shallow and unprincipled of all, and by all I mean of any serious candidate for president of any party in the history of the United States,” Lesniak said. “Whether you support his previous positions or not, and I do, Romney’s change from instituting a cap on carbon emissions and a ban on assault weapons, establishing universal health care and supporting a woman’s right to choose, to the exact opposite policies, as espoused by the Tea Party folks and right wing, gun-toting evangelical Christians, exposed Romney as the unprincipled person he’s become. Sure, every politician can change some positions based on new information or an evolution of beliefs, but Romney’s bald face slippery slide to the right as his party’s primary electorate was taken over by the Limbaughs and Hannitys is so transparent that labeling him an opportunist would be too kind.” 

Lesniak likewise rejected other top candidates in the Republican presidential field.

“Compared to the publicly espoused you have to accept Jesus as your savior to get to heaven and we can’t fry enough convicted murderers even if they’re innocent Rick Perry, or our founding fathers fought to end slavery and God sent a message to Washington when Hurricane Irene ravaged the East Coast Michele Bachmann, and the totally unprincipled Romney, Herman Cain can at least promise a pizza in every pot for America,” cracked the Democratic senator.

Conversely, Christie would tell the Tea Party folks to go to hell and “make them look forward to the trip.”

“Can you imagine what he would have done during the debate when the audience booed the gay Marine?” Lesniak asked. “While the spineless other candidates stayed silent, Christie would have demanded the audience apologize to this valiant, courageous Marine who serves our country to protect the freedoms of those who booed him because he’s gay. Unlike Donald Trump, Christie would have dismissed the wacko birthers who doubted President Obama’s birthplace.  He’s already called out the Sharia Law alarmists for their prejudice against Muslim Americans and the Republican House Majority Leader for holding hostage natural disaster relief.”

Lesniak admitted that Christie’s lack of experience and knowledge of foreign affairs and lack of self control is troubling, but no more so than the other Republican contenders. 

“He would be far and away the best Republican to challenge President Obama,” Lesniak said. “If Barack Obama is not going to be our next president, the only option for our country is Chris Christie.”  Democrat Lesniak revs up Christie for Prez talk