Democrats respond to Christie’s campaign tilt

TRENTON – With Gov. Chris Christie using the court battle over judicial benefit hikes as a campaign centerpiece, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D-34), of East Orange, said in an email response, “It’s just terrible that Gov. Christie has chosen to stomp his feet and play politics instead of focusing his attention on protecting taxpayers by overturning this ruling, which would be the quickest and best way to resolve this problem.

“Taxpayers are sick and tired of awful political theater like this, especially while they continue to suffer from Gov. Christie’s property tax hikes and his continued failure to improve the economy,” she said.

Democratic legislative campaign spokesman Derek Roseman also sent an email response.

“As if on cue, New Jersey’s Republicans have called their biennial pre-election confab to pledge their unwavering support for an issue that doesn’t register with the people they are seeking to represent,” Roseman said “Perhaps our opponents’ time would be better spent walking their districts and actually talking to voters, as opposed to driving to Trenton for a photo-op with their party leaders.

“If they did,” he said, “they’d know, like Democrats do, that voters care about their property taxes, their jobs, and the fact that the Republicans who are spending today fawning all over each other care more about giving millionaires special treatment than they do funding schools, ensuring a woman’s access to health care, or even providing real property tax relief to middle-class families and seniors.”

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