Environmental group chastises three GOP congressmen in online ad buy

Environment New Jersey today launched a week-long, 5-figure online clean air accountability blitz, targeting three Republican Congressman: U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7), U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-2) and Rep. U.S. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11), for three recent votes the group says undermine clean air and allow more air pollution.

“Everyone should be able to breathe clean air, but this bill puts tens of thousands of lives at risk by blocking the clean-up of deadly air pollution,” said Doug O’Malley, field director for Environment New Jersey.  “We want to let New Jersey voters know their Congressman supported out-of-state polluters instead of standing up for New Jersey’s health. New Jerseyans deserve better.”

The House of Representatives approved  the “TRAIN” Act, which would indefinitely delay the clean-up of toxic power plant pollution; another bill (H.R. 2681)  that prevents clean air standards that lower mercury and other toxic air pollution from cement plants; and a bill (H.R. 2250) that would prevent standards to reduce toxic pollution from industrial incinerators and boilers at power plants.

O’Malley said passage of the “TRAIN” Act alone could result in over 3,200 New Jersey lives lost due to air pollution. The health benefits delivered by the incinerator and boiler standards are as high as $54 billion annually, and the health benefits from cement standards will be as high as $18 billion annually.

The votes come on the heels of an Environment New Jersey report, “Danger in the Air,” that found New Jersey’s air to be some of the smoggiest in the country. The findings included that the North Jersey metropolitan area, including New York and Connecticut, ranked as the 5th smoggiest metropolitan area in the country this past summer.

“Clean air should not be a partisan issue – especially when these standards will clean up out-of-state power plants. The votes by these moderate Congressmen are more than disappointing – their decision sides with polluters over our public health – and we want to let as many New Jerseyans as possible know where these Congressmen stand,” said O’Malley. Environmental group chastises three GOP congressmen in online ad buy