The Pitch, Episode Three: PlayAPI – Gamification Nation

Welcome to the third episode of our web series, The Pitch. The latest installment introduces Julie Fredrickson and Philip Bjerknes, co-founders of PlayAPI, who originally met through their respective blogs. “It was very 2005.” Together, they founded Coutorture, a fashion blogging network that eventually sold to Sugar Inc.

The pair went on to gain experience helping big brands on the digital side, she with Ann Taylor and he with Gucci and Nike. As they see it, the future of branded experiences is gameficiation, which represents the next generation of attracting and engaging users.

Their latest venture, PlayAPI, is a suite of tools and templates that allows brands to create custom game experiences. It gives them a framework for tapping into different social graphs and rewarding their customers.

Ben and Jordan liked the this team’s experience, but did they bite on the company’s product?

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