Fancy Rehab, Once Fancy Condo, Set to Open in Tribeca

Tribeca Twelve (Photo from

What’s the difference between a rehab center and a pricey Tribeca condo? Bad financing, and not much else. We told you about the ill-fated condo development ‘Tribeca Five’ which went belly-up back in 2009, only to be purchased by a Hazelden, well-known rehab network serving well-heeled (at least well-paying) addicts.

Now known as the Tribeca Twelve, the recovery center is nearly ready for occupancy, according to The New York Times. The five in-patient rooms, The Times reports, look like your average Tribeca pads: 2,200-square-foot spreads, marble bathrooms, Wii consoles hooked up (standing at the ready for some virtual breathing exercises, no doubt) and  art already on the walls. The price? $5,000 per month. Sounds like Tribeca to us.

But what makes this rehab center special? Besides its prime location, Tribeca Twelve will only serve young people struggling with addiction. The Times points out that Hazelden chose an unlikely spot for their project.

The TriBeCa building nods to Hazelden’s rural roots, in photographic images of its woods embedded in the entry doors and an interior skylight. But it is also in the midst of a well-traveled nightlife zone, which would seem to offer many temptations to a recovering addict: the Canal Room, a party and performance space, is at one corner, the Nancy Whiskey Pub is at another and Pelea Mexicana, a restaurant with an extensive tequila collection, is across the street.

While The Observer understands fighting temptation is part of the program, it seems like this is a bit of a lions den.

Hazelden does understands their market, however. The website points out that the facility is “Housed in a completely renovated 1910 apartment building.” Who would want to enroll in a program housed in a post-war highrise? The horror!

  Fancy Rehab, Once Fancy Condo, Set to Open in Tribeca