‘Gallery Girls’ Invades the Vice Creators Project

Breaking news today in our ongoing coverage of the new Bravo reality show Gallery Girls, which in recent weeks has descended its camera crews upon our fair city’s galleries and gallery-boutiques.

Camera crews for the show were spotted at the Creators Project festival in DUMBO over the weekend. The event, sponsored by Vice and Intel, featured high-tech art installations and popular bands. Our tipster said it also featured giant signs informing attendees that by walking around the exhibits they consented to being filmed for a show called, you guessed it, Gallery Girls. “It was hard to spot the camera crews, actually,” said the tipster. “Everybody there had a really nice camera and everyone was constantly taking pictures or filming something.”

There’s no telling why the camera crews were there — perhaps one of the galleries still unknown to us participated in one of the projects on display, or maybe the young women at confirmed gallery End of Century decided to stop by and Bravo was simply collecting B-roll footage. One thing’s a sure bet: when the show airs, the Vice Creators Project will be portrayed as the Armory Show meets the 1964 World’s Fair, in terms of significance.

Know anything else? As always, please send all tips to dduray@observer.com. ‘Gallery Girls’ Invades the Vice Creators Project