Get Animated! The Taiwanese Animators Have Launched a New York News Site

(Next Media)

Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese speed-animation shop known for making news stories look like scenes from Grand Theft Auto and following on Betabeat’s stories, has launched a New York-specific news site, Big Apple Daily TV. New York is getting animated!

This morning, this blogger received a note from Taipei with love:

Your story titled the ‘Jack the Cat, Facebook-Famous Feline, Has Been Found at JFK‘ has been animated by us!!

I’d like to introduce to you our newest creation, Big Apple Daily TV, Next Media Animation’s NYCentric site that will feature all the latest animated news from NYC.  You can expect the craziest “only in New York” news that you read in the newspapers to be animated.  The best way to “read”  the news nowadays is to watch it!

Please check out our latest video Jack the Cat Found at JFK and let me know what you think!

The videos on Daily Apple TV seem to be playing it straighter than the typical NMA fare, which often takes artistic liberties, adding flying unicorns and blood splattering to spice up the news. “Next Media Media, and how we consume it, is constantly evolving,” the Big Apple TV site says. “Communities have always depended on television and newspapers for their news. Today, everyone has gravitated to the Internet. People don’t just want to read the news online, they need to see it, too. We’ve fused animation and video to bring the latest New York buzz to life.”

Next Media hosts its videos on YouTube, with embedded ads.

Get Animated! The Taiwanese Animators Have Launched a New York News Site