Wins ‘Most Confusing Coverage of Occupy Wall Street’ Award, Rachelle Hruska‘s New York social diary, doesn’t usually cover grimy protesters down at Zuccotti Park. (Your much more likely to read about those parties thrown by the 1% of banker/investor types Occupy Wall Street is protesting.)

But this morning’s face-off with the police was a New York City event – if not a fashionable one, an event nonetheless – and GuestofaGuest dedicated a portion of its site to the activity. (They even spent an entire section of their slideshow quoting from New York Observer senior editor Foster Kamer‘s Twitter.) We just are wondering if what they went with was really the best choice for a title:

We know that the “Best $2k I Ever Spent” is weekly post title, and does not actually reflect the amount of money one might spend at any given time. But it’s still an odd choice that serves to illuminate just how far removed Ms. Hruska’s team really is from Occupy Wall Street and its mission if they are throwing terms like that around (even ironically). Unless it refers to the amount of bail money some GoaG reporter needed after getting arrested?

Nope. As it turns out, no one from the blog was down on Wall Street this morning to witness the protest march. Hey, that’s what they have our Mr. Kamer for. Wins ‘Most Confusing Coverage of Occupy Wall Street’ Award