Howdya Like Them Apples? Silicon Alley Gets Its Own TEDx Conference

via HudsononHouston

Well, would you look at that. Guess we’re all growns up because Silicon Alley just got it very own TEDx conference: TEDxSiliconAlley. Mark Thursday, October 27th on your calendar, because GREY Advertising will be open up its Fifth Avenue space to a host of speakers from the city’s booming tech scene.

The theme of the day will be: “The creative use of technology — beyond its originally intended application —with unexpected or unintended outcomes that are either good, or bad, or possibly unknown.”

A number of familiar names to anyone in the startup world are scheduled to speak, such as Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexandra Wilson, LiveStream co-founder Max Haot, Meetup co-founder Scott Heiferman, Aviary founder Avi Muchnick, Foursquare product manager Siobhan Quinn, Bondsy co-founder Gavin Becker and more.

TEDx programs, like the one in Silicon Valley or even Ted x NY, are independently-organized local salons, but sanctioned by the mothership to “share a TED-like experience.” TEDxSilicon Alley will use live speakers, TEDTalks video to spark discussion and connection in a smaller group.

Why did Silicon Alley’s techies deserve one of their own? We’ll let the organizer, Chris Grayson, director of digital for Humble.Tv explain:

“New York City possesses characteristics that make it’s tech community unique, and differentiated from other tech centers like California’s Bay Area, Austin or Boulder. It is an international center for finance, providing local availability of capital. It is home to many vibrant creative industries including a global center for fashion. It is the world leader of the media industry, including broadcast, periodicals, book publishing, music and advertising. Given that New York is the United States’ only real “walking city”, it has become a natural hotbed of activity in geo-location based mobile development — It is not an accident that companies like Foursquare, Sonar and others would flourish in New York. As mobile continues its near vertical trajectory as the fastest growing media channel, New York City is uniquely positioned to capture a tremendous amount of that growth.”

You can buy tickets to the event here. Better hurry, according to the Eventbrite listing, there are only 81 left. Howdya Like Them Apples? Silicon Alley Gets Its Own TEDx Conference