In LD 6, outraged Lampitt tells twittering Mitsch to get out of the race

South Jersey Democrats planted Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt (D-6) in front of a microphone this afternoon where the Cherry Hill incumbent demanded that GOP Senate candidate Phil Mitsch end his challenge of state Sen. Jim Beach (D-6).

“It is absolutely disgraceful that the Republican candidate for Senate would show such callous disrespect toward women,” said Lampitt, referring to Mitsch’s twitter feed from last April. 

Lampitt and her running mates, Beach, and Assemblyman Lou Greenwald (D-6) objected in particular to the following Mitsch tweets:  “Your new survival philosophy toward women should be ‘pay, play, now get the F-k away’” and “Tell your women they can’t talk to you but they can moan.”    

Mitsch told that the offerings were dry humor, but Lampitt was not amused.

“This is the year 2011, not 1811.  Mr. Mitsch should resign immediately from the ballot for his disgusting anti-women remarks,” the assemblywoman said. “I call on every candidate running on the same ticket as Mr. Mitsch, from top to bottom, to immediately denounce his derogatory anti-women comments and join in the call for him to resign immediately.    

“Let me be clear,” Lampitt added, “nothing short of Mr. Mitsch’s immediate resignation is acceptable. We do not accept his excuses, nor do we accept an apology.  This is not a laughing matter. Mr. Mitsch’s comments are just plain wrong.  He must resign immediately.”

Beach and Greenwald likewise called for Mitsch to check out of the race.

Mitsch did not want to comment.

In LD 6, outraged Lampitt tells twittering Mitsch to get out of the race