In LD 7, BurlCo GOP tries to burnish Allen alliance as contrast point with Dems’ campaign

Republicans confident in the ability of state Sen. Diane Allen, (R-7), Edgewater Park, to drag parochial GOP Assembly running mates into office on the strengh of her name ID and reputation simultaneously observe their rivals as split and essentially running individual campaigns.

Democrats deny it, pointing to a joint candidates’ committee and a record of the candidates attending the same events together. The only other incumbent in the race besides Allen after his  fellow Democrat districtmate retired this year, Assemblyman Herb Conaway, (D-7), Delanco was not available for comment.

Once Conaway’s aide years ago before moving to the Speaker’s Office at the Statehouse, Troy Singleton (pictured), now Conaway’s running mate, said, “There is no separate campaign. I, along with (state Senate candidate) Gail (Cook) and Herb, are running one campaign. Our approach is not atypical of how campaigns are run when an incumbent has a non-incumbent running mate. We are all working hard, as a team, to show ourselves worthy to represent LD7 in Trenton.”  

Republican sources close to Allen’s campaign at the very least contrast their cemented ticket with Singleton issuing his glossy fliers containing just his face, and starring solo in a television campaign ad.

There’s also buzz that Conaway’s record of independence has the Camden County Democratic Party less than over-eager to run to his side, while heavily investing in newcomer Singleton.

“That’s simply not true,” said a source close to South Jersey Democratic Leader George Norcross III. 

The source proceeded to reiterate Singleton’s assertion, adding that longtime veteran Conaway enjoys a built-in base while Singleton needs the solo spots to raise his name ID.

Both sides agree, too, that there’s no way Cook can beat Allen.

Another mutually beneficial aspect of the campaign is that Singleton doesn’t personally have to answer for a voting record that increased taxes, while Conaway can make the case for not being controlled by Camden.

Still, a Republican operative sneered to, “Singleton is a single candidate.”

That makes him not unlike Allen – who long opposed the mechanics of the Burlington County Republican Organization – until she made an uneasy peace with the GOP establishment this year. 

In LD 7, BurlCo GOP tries to burnish Allen alliance as contrast point with Dems’ campaign