Inky: Mitsch won’t apologize

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that 6th District GOP senate candidate Phil Mitsch will not apologize for sex advice he offered through Twitter, and will not end his campaign.

“I am definitely not apologizing for those two tweets at all,” Mitsch told the Inky. “They were relationship tips. ‘Stud in the bedroom,’ and ‘whore in the bedroom,’ those are timeworn adages.”

Camden County GOP Chairman Tom Booth said this morning that if Mitsch refused to apologize, he could not expect the organization’s support.

Booth’s full statement: 

“Yesterday, when verbally informed of Phil Mitsch’s comments for the first time by a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter, I had initially given Phil Mitsch the benefit of the doubt – as I would any candidate – that his comments and tweets were somehow misconstrued.  Having now read, for the first time, Phil Mitsch’s comments in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper this morning and  his comments made in September via Twitter which I had never been informed of, I find his comments are offensive to many people, myself included.  I cannot and will not tolerate any comments from a candidate – let alone an actual attitude – that disparages women or any other class of people.  As a husband to a loving and supportive wife and a father of two daughters, I take personal offense to any anti-woman bias and I will not tolerate it in the Camden County Republican organization to any degree whatsoever.  I have informed Mr. Mitsch that he has until the end of today to apologize and retract his comments formally in a press release sent to all media outlets and all local Republican Organizations.  If that is not done, tomorrow I will formally withdraw the Camden County Republican Organization’s support of his candidacy.  I can think of no stronger statement that such conduct will never be tolerated in this Party so long as I am Chairman.”

Inky: Mitsch won’t apologize