Introducing the ‘Bitcoins for Christmas’ Campaign


Josh Strike of Bitcoin gambling house StrikeSapphire Casino and Mark Miele of just launched a merry marketing push that the entrepreneurs hope will be considered “a Christmas present to the whole Bitcoin community.” Aw, you guys! Bitcoins for Christmas encourages Bitcoin users to put some digital currency in the digital stockings of their families and friends, sending lucky recipients an electronic candygram with instructions on how to pick up their BTC.

The site, which is offering Bitcoins at no fee, is sponsored by leading exchanges Mt. Gox and Tradehill as well as a motley lineup of Bitcoin startups from Bit Munchies to BitVapes, all of whom hope the initiative will bring in new Bitcoin users and continue educating the world about Bitcoin. “At Bitcoins for Christmas, we decided to leverage the joy of gift-giving and the pleasure of gift-receiving to create a better way to introduce someone to Bitcoin,” the site says.

According to the F.A.Q.:

Why “Bitcoins for Christmas?”
Like us, you have probably tried to explain Bitcoin to someone and ended up experiencing one of the following:

1) The person you were talking to thought you were a lunatic;
2) You severely confused the person;
3) The cops were called on you;
4) Babies started crying; or
5) They installed the client and bought some Bitcoins.*
*And then you woke up and realized that this was just a dream you were having.

And they go on: “We believe that when someone is given Bitcoins (i.e. free money) from someone they know, there is a greater chance of them becoming a Bitcoin user than if you had only spoken to them about Bitcoin. Our goal, stated simply, is to spread the word of Bitcoin and grow the community.”

And how did the trick-or-treaters like their Bitcoins? Introducing the ‘Bitcoins for Christmas’ Campaign