Jerry Saltz Talks ‘Work of Art,’ the Rules of Attraction

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz recently sat down with the WNYC culture blog to discuss the second season of Work of Art, everyone’s favorite art-based Bravo competition show.

Mr. Saltz makes the case, as only he can, that if the show is slightly offensive to some viewers’ sensibilities, “This isn’t a billionaire collector flying a millionaire artist to Venice to party down on a private yacht. This isn’t a billion dollars spent at auction for pieces of drivel.” Which is true! He also says that his wife, New York Times art critic Roberta Smith, supports his television career completely and has also never seen the show. Here are his thoughts on the art created on the show:

“I often spend time on the show thinking, ‘I wish the art was better.’ But I spend a lot of time walking around Chelsea thinking, ‘I wish the art was better.'”

Geez, you’d think the guy was paid to make compelling arguments or something! Mr. Saltz also offers some insights into the nature of attraction and how it differs for men and women. Work of Art, season 2 debuts tonight. Jerry Saltz Talks ‘Work of Art,’ the Rules of Attraction