Jon Huntsman Calls Mitt Romney ‘A Well-Lubricated Weather Vane’

Jon Huntsman (Getty)

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman released a new web video attacking his fellow Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney today. Mr. Huntsman’s ad employs the metaphor of a weathervane shifting in the wind to push the popular perception of Mr. Romney as a flip flopper. 

Mr. Huntsman’s ad features ominous piano music underscoring a splitscreen showing a wobbling weathervane alongside footage of Mr. Romney making a series of seemingly contradictory statements on his health care plan, President Barack Obama’s economic stimulus, withdrawing troops from Iraq, climate change and tax increases. The ad closes with footage of Mr. Huntsman proclaiming, “You can’t be a perfectly lubricated weather vane on the important issues of the day.”

Mr. Romney has been dogged by the impression he flip flops on the issues for years now. Aside from the farm analogies, Texas governor Rick Perry used a similar tactic in his own anti-Romney ad released October 20. Mr. Romney is currently on top in the polls along with Herman Cain while Mr. Huntsman is at the back of the pack.

Watch Mr. Huntsman’s video below.

Jon Huntsman Calls Mitt Romney ‘A Well-Lubricated Weather Vane’