Klout Closing On Big New Round of Funding

We're coming for you @cdixon!

A person’s status on social network is fast becoming an important part of their resume for many tech sector jobs. Mayor Bloomberg never fails to mention the Twitter-savvy—and sizeable following—of his chief digital officer Rachel Sterne.

So it didn’t surprise Betabeat to learn that Klout has signed a term sheet on a big new round of venture funding. The service awards users a ranking between 1-100 based on their influence across social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare.

Klout is based in California but has a number of New York investors. Its series A, a modest $1.5 million, was followed seven months later by a $8.5 million series B. We’re told the series C will continue to add significantly to Klout’s funding and valuation. The exact figures are not set in stone, but the lead investors are in place.

We currently have a Klout score of 64, which shockingly puts us ahead of our own editor-in-chief, Elizabeth Spiers. Surely our pay grade will reflect this in some brighter, bolder future. Hell we’re only three point behind Klout CEO Joe Fernandez. Perhaps he avoids getting high on his own supply? Klout Closing On Big New Round of Funding