Last Week in Betabeat: BuyWithMe Death Watch, TheLadders Layoffs and Techies on Occupy Wall Street

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REQUIRED READING: The Full Story Behind BuyWithMe’s Big Layoffs: Debts Come Due For Daily Deal Industry

Betabeat has been covering the layoffs at BuyWithMe since Wednesday, when more than half the staff–at least 100 people–were laid off without warning or severance. There has been almost no word from the company or its management. What happened?

REQUIRED READING: Beta Test! New York Startups Think Occupy Wall Street Has a Bad Pitch

New York startups compete fiercely with the finance sector for programmers and MBAs–and while they can’t match Goldman’s salaries, they do make the social argument. Knewton wants to transform education, Sulia wants to reinvent news, and the mobile payments app Venmo wants to replace credit cards. Meetup is “starting a local community revolution”; Etsy’s mission is to “empower people to change the way the global economy works.” The lofty talk of startups is not unlike the rhetoric of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, who are advocating–albeit vaguely–the most radical agenda of any political movement in recent memory.

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Last Week in Betabeat: BuyWithMe Death Watch, TheLadders Layoffs and Techies on Occupy Wall Street