Last Week in Betabeat: Email Overload, the Wesleyan Digital Mafia and the New York Tech Council

Too busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: Mayor Bloomberg Makes His First Trip to NY Tech Meetup, Announces New Tech Council
“Hello innovators, entrepreneurs, or as I call you, my peeps,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who likes to break the ice with a little slang for the youths. “It took us three years from starting Bloomberg to signing our first real customer. The day it happened I sat down and wrote on the back of an envelope. I multiplied our monthly fee by 12, times 20 for selling 20 terminals, minus our expenses, and there it was, we we breaking even.”

REQUIRED READING: Read Me! Our Inboxes Runneth Over, and We’re About to Go Postal
“I also have two BlackBerrys and two email addresses and they all forward shit everywhere, so sometimes I get the same email four times,” she said. “I sometimes contemplate how much time I spend deleting junk emails, and how I’ll be thinking that when I’m on my deathbed, like how many hours or days that will eventually add up to, and it’ll sort of just make me want to kill myself while I’m dying.”

Supplemental reading: 10 Startups Tackling Email Overload

REQUIRED VIEWING: Welcome to ‘The Pitch’
Betabeat’s new web TV series about how to make it in Silicon Alley. We sifted through hundreds of eager applicants to find some of New York’s top prospects. This series profiles them and captures the process as they pitch Lerer Ventures face-to-face.


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