Last Week in Betabeat: Tech Campus Crunch Time, Foursquare Eyes Soho, and Codecademy Meets NYC

Too busy to check your daily Betabeat? Here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

REQUIRED READING: Foursquare Moving to Soho, Beats Out Tumblr for Sunny Office on Broadway
It’s not easy to find office space to accommodate the needs of a fast-growing startup and several companies are on the hunt. But it looks like Foursquare has beat out Tumblr for this supercool Soho space.

REQUIRED READING: NYU Wants the Tech Campus to Transform Brooklyn, But Is It a Match for StanfordNYC’s $2.5 B.?
As we expected, with proposals come due, this week turned into something of a PR blitzkrieg to win a chance to build on an applied sciences mecca on city-owned land. After all, once the proposals are in, the competing schools are forbidden to speak publicly about it.

SUPPLEMENTAL READING: Betabeat’s Nitasha Tiku has been all over the tech campus story like white on rice; peep the Silicon Alley U topic for all the latest.

REQUIRED VIEWING: The Pitch, Episode 3: PlayAPI’s Gamification Nation
We sifted through hundreds of eager startups to find some of New York’s top prospects to pitch Lerer Ventures. Watch Ben Lerer and Jordan Cooper talk about them after they’ve left the room.


Rumors & Acquisitions: Foursquare Vs. ZocDoc! Groundlink Vs. Uber! And Pinterest Vs. America
The ‘App Gap’ is Your New, Digital Class War (or: ‘Breaking, Poor People Don’t Shop On The iTunes Store!’)
Rainn Wilson Made a Hilarious Joke on Twitter Last Night


Startup News: Skillshare Creep! Forrst Recruiting! And Happy Birthday Wanderfly
Codecademy Lands $2.5 M., Plans Headquarters In New York
Findings Launches Out of Betaworks to Transform the Digital World’s Marginalia


Girl Scout Named Managing Director of New York Tech Meetup (April 4, 2011)

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