Little gearing up for fundraising event

Former Highlands Mayor Anna Little has scheduled a fundraiser at the Grand Havana Ballroom in midtown Manhattan next month in preparation for another Congressional run.

“Like the rest of us, she knows Washington is a mess, with its trillion dollar deficits and exploding national debt,” said Little spokesman Larry Cirignano in an email blast. “But unlike the rest of us, she’s trying to do something about it – by running for Congress against one of the biggest tax and spenders of all time.  She’s courageously stepping forward to tame the Washington bureacracy. Let’s show her our appreciation by coming out and supporting her.”

The fundraiser is set for Nov. 1.

Running as a Tea Party candidate in 2010, Little won the 6th Congressional District’s GOP nomination and then lost to U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone in the general election.  Little gearing up for fundraising event