Liu Hires Ex-AG Robert Abrams To Review Campaign Finance Irregularities

City Comptroller John Liu has initiated a independent review of his campaign’s fundraising and has hired former New York attorney general Robert Abrams to conduct it.

The announcement comes after the New York Times published a devastating report alleging that Mr. Liu’s campaign raised a substantial amount of their campaign money by finding dummy donors to act as if the checks had come from them, when in fact the money was being donated by longtime supporters of Mr. Liu’s.

“I look forward to a thorough and prompt review,” Mr. Liu said.

The review is expect to last sixty days.

Mr. Liu has been in immediate damage control mode since the story broke, appearing on NY1, and according to a report in today’s  Times, kicking into high-gear his efforts to reform the city’s pension system.

Mr. Liu has been considered a top contender for mayor, but the cloud of irregularity that hung over his fundraising efforts had threatened to derail his ambitions.

Mr. Liu had defended his fundraising practices, suggesting that the amount of illegal contributions was actually very small, and suggesting that the reporters from The Times struggled to overcome the language difficulties of the largely Asian immigrants who were some of his strongest supporters.

Mr. Abrams served as attorney general for 14 years, and remains a popular figure within the Democratic Party. He is currently a partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan.

Liu Hires Ex-AG Robert Abrams To Review Campaign Finance Irregularities