Meet America's Kate Middleton!

He's not Prince William but he played him on TV

This is Megan Louise Ferguson, the 28 year old Los Angeles actress who may already look familiar from roles in Law & Order: LABoardwalk Empire, and the 2010 film Love and Other Drugs.

On Saturday, she became the closest thing this waning empire has to a Kate Middleton figure by marrying Nico Thomas Evers-Swindell, the Kiwi actor who played Prince William in the Lifetime original movie “William & Kate: Let Love Rule,” and who shows no signs of sharing a balding pattern with the Duke of Cambridge.

Last week Kate Middleton flew solo at a royal engagement for the first time. Ms. Ferguson and her prince recently finished filming a pilot for MTV called “Dumb Girls.”

Ms. Middleton met Prince William at St. Andrews University in Scotland. Ms. Ferguson attended Yale.

Meet America's Kate Middleton!