Morning Links: Abe Rosenthal Was Wrong About Gloria Steinem

The New York Times‘s Abe Rosenthal told Gloria Steinem that, after launching Ms., no one would ever hire her again, according to an oral history of the magazine in New York this week. (In the end, Mr. Rosenthal’s son, Andy Rosenthal, Times opinion editor, did.) [New York]

In a companion piece, Emily Nussbaum surveys the current feminist blog landscape, plus photo slideshow, naturally.  [New York]

Mitt Romney’s press strategy is avoid Fox News and other proponents of the sound byte-humiliation cycle that keeps his GOP competitors in the headlines.  [Huffington Post]

David Carr comes down tolerant on Village Voice Media’s sketchy online classifieds site, on the grounds of: the first amendment, that if they didn’t operate such a site someone else would, and that forgoing sex ads contributed to the demise of his old weekly, The Twin Cities Reader. [NY Times]

Former GQ editors Tyler Thoreson and Adam Rapoport chat about GQ stuff over at Park & Bond, the Gilt Groupe shop curated by GQ, and Mr. Rapoport, (now editor of Bon Appetit) reveals why he has never owned a watch:

I have an iPhone. That and a manservant. Honestly, I don’t like my wrists. If you have the really skinny wrists, you can wear the big Rolex, and it just kind of hangs off and dangles like a bracelet and looks really cool… I have these forearms that don’t really have a lot of hair on them. They aren’t particularly big—Marlon Brando, Arnold Palmer forearms. So I put a watch on them and it just calls attention to the fact that I have boyish wrists. [Park & Bond]


Morning Links: Abe Rosenthal Was Wrong About Gloria Steinem