Morning Links: Double Hirst and FIAC Edition

Damien Hirst and Sante D'Orazio in 2007. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan Company)

FIAC is hot! A Hirst goes for $2.8 million! Famous rich people browse! Advisor Todd Levin might like it better than Frieze! [Bloomberg]

Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang says that a work that an auction house has attributed to him is not, in fact, by him. “It’s a bad fake at first sight. Poorly done,” he said. “How dare someoneput it up for auction.” [China Daily]

Here’s our humble competition in Work of Art recaps: Jerry Saltz. [NYM]

Music executive Jordan Bratman, singer Christina Aguilera’s former lover, has opened an L.A. street art gallery, and is said to be thriving. [BlackBook]

Collector and dealer Jose Mugrabi has at least 100 Warhols before the authentication board. [WSJ]

Damien Hirst designed a brandy label. [The Independent]

“Zuccotti Park is not a restaurant, night club, art gallery or fashion show, but that won’t stop culture writers from trying to convince us otherwise.” [The Atlantic Wire]

The Government Art Collection can’t find 40 works that have gone missing over the past decade. [The Art Newspaper]

“The idea that Leonardo could be aroused by a woman at all is a bit of a surprise.” Jonathan Jones talks about that most relevant of topics: Leonardo Da Vinci’s sexuality. [Guardian] Morning Links: Double Hirst and FIAC Edition