Morning Links: Fakes and Forgeries Edition

"Test Site" (2006) by Carsten Höller at Tate Modern. (Courtesy Tate)

“They look more like old hippies stuck in a San Francisco time warp than the couple who conned the international art world out of an estimated €30m (£26m).” A profile of the German forgers who conned Steve Martin. [The Independent]

“I hope everyone will be O.K.” A profile of Carsten Höller ahead of his New Museum show. [NYT]

“Gotta be perfect. Never been seen.” Watch art handlers at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver install more than 100 works. The museum opens Nov. 18. [Denver Post]

A new $45 million wing is set to open at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art next week. The space was seven years in the making, and includes a restaurant, an auditorium and galleries built specifically to show particular media. [Haaretz]

The Montreal Gazette profiles Mathieu Lefevre, the 30-year-old artist who died in a bicycle accident in Brooklyn last week. [The Montreal Gazette]

Great finds and great fakes in recent art market history. [The Independent] Morning Links: Fakes and Forgeries Edition