Morning Links: Piers Morgan Dreams About Rupert Murdoch

Paging NYTOnIt: Sean Hannity and Fox News are still popular. [NY Times]

Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes stopped by Fox and Friends, made the minions nervous. [The Cutline]

Cuomo takes the adversarial reporter-subject relationship to a whole new level. [Capital NY]

Tavis Smiley’s poverty tour with Cornel West will be broadcast this week on PBS. Maybe they got the poverty-stricken muppet to open for them. [Decoder]

eHow and Livestrong parent company Demand Media is cutting back on “assignments” and working on improving what it’s got. [Business Insider]

Big scoop for the Wall Street Journal: The U.S. government has obtained a secret court order to access Wikileaks volunteer Jacob Applebaum’s Gmail. Mr. Applebaum isn’t charged with wrongdoing, but it’s part of a criminal investigation of Wikileaks. [WSJ]

Rather long profile of Piers Morgan in which he does not admit to phone hacking but does talk about his anxiety dreams, interspersed with transcriptions of the interview. [New York]

New York: Was calling Heather Mills “talentless and legless” a cheap shot?

P.M.: That’s accurate. She is demonstrably talentless and has one leg.

New York: You never look back at something like that and think, That wasn’t very nice?

P.M.: No, because Heather Mills is an indescribably vile creature with no redeeming features whatsoever.


Morning Links: Piers Morgan Dreams About Rupert Murdoch