Morning Links: Is Not Available Online

Dirk Standen wanted to use the cover line “Click here for more,” on the first issue of’s print magazine,, but was outvoted. Thanksfully this quotation, straight from the mouth of cover model Lindsay Wixson, did make the cut:

The night after the shoot I had like blue hair in finger waves and I went to meet Marilyn at Nobu and when I walked in they thought I was Charlize Theron. Oh and I also did go-sees for Calvin Klein. I showed up and the guy was like what have you been modeling for a minute? And I was like yeah. [NY Times]

The late Conde Nast publisher Steve Florio’s daughter has written a children’s book about 4 Times Square. [WWD]

We’ve exported the Disney Channel and Allure magazine to Russia. [WWD, NY Times].

The Chinese government ordered dozens of satellite tv networks to limit entertainment programming to three hours a week, and to broadcast two hours of state-approved news. [NY Times]

Clear Channel laid off hundreds of people in smaller markets. [All Access]

A less than savvy marketing firm called 43a told Hamilton Nolan he’d pay him $130 for links to Dell, Motorola, T-mobile, and then writers secretly do it at Huffington Post, Business Insider and Technorati do it. All parties involved claimed ignorance. [Gawker]


Morning Links: Is Not Available Online