Morning Read: Markowitz Under Fire; Welcome to Cuomo-ville; Occupy Wall Street Braces for Winter

The Times has a damning story about Marty Markowitz that shows how companies that want to do business in Brooklyn become mega-donors to a series of charities that the Brooklyn BP controls.

A number of communities around the state are trying to exempt themselves from Andrew Cuomo’s much-heralded property tax cap.

The Bloomberg and Cuomo administrations disagree over who should pick up the tab for World Trade Center security.

Cy Vance’s office is planning to offer a deal to 340 Occupy Wall Street protesters that would dismiss the charges if they stay out of trouble for six months.

Occupy Albany has been re-dubbed “Cuomo-ville.”

Leave the protesters alone, Mr. Cuomo, says the T-U.

Demonstrators are hunkering down for winter.

An official with the Obama campaign told The Wall Street Journal that they intend to stress common ground with the Occupy Wall Street protests without embracing the movement entirely.

Advocates for the poor are using the Occupy Wall Street protests to push municipalities to divest from banks blamed by demonstrators for the global financial crisis and persistent unemployment in its wake.

Construction workers at city housing developments have  come forward with allegations about being forced to pay kickbacks, being paid in cash and working under unsafe conditions.”

Andrew Cuomo will be feted by Empire State Pride Agenda on Thursday, but the lawmakers who helped pass his marriage equality bill will not be,

The technology company that was in charge of the scandal-plagued CityTime payroll project has fired three senior managers and hired a law firm to review its ethics and practices,

Nearly two-thirds of students who graduated on-time this year from New York City high schools are not prepared for college.

The M.T.A is considering removing trash cans from subway platforms altogether in order to eliminate rat-attracting trash bags.

The state is seeking to fire 130 workers – including 20 in the city – who are accused of abusing the developmentally disabled.

David Yassky warned cab drivers against excessive honking.

Former Assemblyman Sam Hoyt won a lifetime Green achievement award.

Nearly 800 jobs would be cut and taxpayers would be charged an extra $160 on top of their tax bill under Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef’s proposed 2012 county budget. Morning Read: Markowitz Under Fire; Welcome to Cuomo-ville; Occupy Wall Street Braces for Winter