Mustache Is Art at National Portrait Gallery in Australia

Get a load of that 'stache.

The Art Newspaper alerted us to the existence of a show at the National Portrait Gallery in Australia. It is called “Jo’s Mo Show with Beards.” It is dedicated to the history of facial hair throughout time.

“Any survey of the National Portrait Gallery’s collection reveals numerous variations in facial hair fashions,” according to the museum’s website.

Indeed. Who doesn’t like a good beard? The show is a kind of history of male fashion told through the lens of all those whiskers. We’ll leave you with the text of an old ad from the South Australian Advertiser from 1858, which is used in the press materials for the exhibition:

“We have many extraordinary beards and mustaches in the House; we have flowing beards and stubby beards and curly beards; we have moustaches light and delicate like a lady’s eyebrow, long and pendant like a Chinaman’s, bushy and fierce like a brigand’s. Some men wear beards, whiskers and moustaches; others shave the whiskers and beard and leave the moustache; whilst others preserve the moustache and part of the beard but eschew whiskers! In all these varieties, and a great many more, there are marks of design.”

If we were in Australia, we would probably go to see this show. Mustache Is Art at National Portrait Gallery in Australia