New poll puts Christie 4th among Pres. contenders

A Washington Post/ ABC News poll released today has Gov. Christie running fourth among presidential contenders, well behind front-runner Mitt Romney.

Romney pulled in 21 percent of respondents who said they either are or lean Republican. Herman Cain, who last week won the Florida straw poll and Rick Perry, who was the perceived front-runner until his poor debate showings, tied for second with 14 percent.  Christie was next with 10 percent.

The poll was asked several ways, including one version that included former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who like Christie has not yet committed to running.  In that version, Palin and U.S. Rep Ron Paul (R-TX) tied for fourth just behind Christie.  In a version that did not include Palin, the former Alaska governor’s support went strongly to Romney.

In a version that did not include Christie, who is expected to announce this week if he plans to seek the GOP nomination, those who would support the governor also switched support heavily to Romney.

Asked if they would rather support a candidate who agrees with their values and positions or one who can win in a general election, an overwhelming majority of Republicans – 73 percent – said they would choose someone who agreed with them on the issues.  That number is down from last week when 85 percent said they would rather choose a candidate they agree with.

New poll puts Christie 4th among Pres. contenders