Updated: NYSE Hacked! Is the Anonymous Infrastructure Crumbling? [Video]

Update: It looks like some members of Anonymous were able to take the  website for the New York Stock Exchange

Who speaks for Anonymous?

Update: It looks like some members of Anonymous were able to take the  website for the New York Stock Exchange offline for approximately two minutes. No trading was affected. A compromise, or just a failed mission? Also, what about the “no hacking on a holiday” rule??

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Watch out, New York Stock Exchange! You are the next target of the hacker group Anonymous, according to a YouTube video that went up October 5th. That would be the day of Occupy Wall Street’s Megamarch, though the latter group has tried to distance itself from the hacktivist community.

Oh wait: Scratch that. A video appeared this weekend, from the same YouTube account as the first message, claiming that the NYSE would not be getting hacked after all...or at least not on a holiday. But now there’s an even newer video, claiming that some of Anonymous is going through with the NYSE attack. Huh?

As it turns out, different factions of Anonymous are having trouble getting together on this whole “take down the entire stock market” idea.

So is Anonymous breaking up?

This whole issue stems from one YouTube account, AnonMessage, that is apparently only owned by one individual. (It gets tricky to tell how many people are involved with Anonymous accounts, since all their messages come out in the same computerized voice.)

Nevertheless, an October 7th update apologized: they were  “mistaken” to have posted the past two videos – “Operation Invade Wall Street: A Message to the Media” and “Operation Invade Wall Street: A Message to the People” – since the messages  did not come from the “official” AnonOps headquarters.


Hello, citizens of the world. My name is TheAnonMessage. I speak on behalf of myself and the Anonymous collective. I would like to point out a few things regarding my channel, my mission, and the two notorious videos that were posted by me almost a week ago.

My mission is very simple: To bring viewers of YouTube easy access to documents made by fellow An ons from AnonOps in a creative yet simple form of video. I am a messenger of Anonymous just as it says in my name. I aknowledge that I am NOT the messenger of the ENTIRE collective, but I represent the majority. The documents I choose to make videos out of involve several announcements of operations, new factions, and general news and information on Anonymous. Apparently, this time, I have not been entirely successful in completing my mandate, which is to bring the people of the world general news and information on Anonymous.

The last two videos up loaded “Operation Invade Wall Street: A Message to the Media” and “Operation Invade Wall Street: A Message to the People” were part of an operation formed by a group of An ons in AnonOps which was officially called hashtag operation invade wall street.

I did not support that particular message. But as a messenger, I had to address it, thinking it was justified by AnonOps.

I was mistaken.

Therefore, I would like to state my sincere apologies to anyone who was misinformed or dismayed by any of the two videos. I am sorry if any of the two videos caused any shaken trust in either me, this channel, or the Anonymous collective. I should have known the following:

-Anonymous would never tell the people to use LOIC after it has created consequences during our attacks of Operation Payback.
-Anonymous would never issue an attack on N Y S E during a holiday, as it is completely irrelevant.
-Anonymous would find it completely unnecessary to use a Distributed Denial Of Service attack on N Y S E dot com as it does not control or contribute to any stock trade or exchange of bonds within the one percent.
-Anonymous would find it plainly stupid to announce the attack 10 days before the attack takes effect. We do usual attacks quickly and swiftly.

As of now, operation invade wall street has been terminated. Many people could still proceed with attacking N Y S E. They will do it at their own risk. I do not support this because it is dangerous and a call for massive arrests. If you wish to proceed, remember to take the necessary precautions to hide yourself. If you are not an experienced hacker, do not, and I mean this, do not get involved. You will be putting yourself into trouble. Be ware. I will keep the existing two videos as they contain annotated information that will spread throughout the embedded videos.

Then yesterday another video appeared, just to clarify that there are indeed different factions of Anonymous that might have separate goals:


There’s been some con flict, as always. Many people refuse to accept that Operation Invade Wall Street is a reality. Some say it is a COINTELPRO agent tactic to set the map for a false flag operation.

I am here to say that I am the messenger. As the messenger, I cannot take sides. I am not supporting or opposing invade wall street, and it was wrong of me to say that the operation has been terminated.

I am here to state the message.

I am here to clarify that factions of Anonymous are going with the operation. Other factions are opposing it….

I immediately follow this information with an important message. Do not use this tool if you are easily traceable, such as when using a house router or any other personal form of internet connection.

Earlier today there was a short hack on N Y S E dot com. I am not authorized to reveal any other information other than that it was down for 30 minutes in a matter of seconds.

Those who are going to be part of the attack have a message to the N Y S E: We hack you because we don’t like you.

We are all Anonymous.
We are all one Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
N Y S E, expect those of us who plan to destroy you.

So essentially the AnonMessage account has been dealing with faulty information. Or possibly real information that it does not agree with, and some other Anonymous members might not agree with.

And this is what it looks like when a decentralized collective of Internet hackers start having organizational issues. Anonymous doesn’t really work as a faceless entity to be feared if its members start airing their group’s problems with the world.

Though on the plus side, the NYSE seems to be doing fine right now. Thank God for Columbus Day.

Updated: NYSE Hacked! Is the Anonymous Infrastructure Crumbling? [Video]