Occupied Time

Where did you spend your weekend? Between the New York Film Festival, Comic Con, and a protester march in Times Square, our time was fairly well occupied (to use this month’s trendiest verb). At the Film Festival, Wes Anderson managed to corral the cast of The Royal Tenenbaums back together for a 10 year reunion to talk about what a jerk Gene Hackman was on set. Even Goop-y Gwyneth Paltrow was terrified of the actor, though she also managed to steer the conversation toward the one time she went bowling with Paul McCartney in order to secure his music for the film. (When she says things like this, we like to imagine that scene in Contagion where… oh, you remember it.)

As far as dishing gossip goes, Mr. Hackman should thank his lucky stars that fear was all he was able to inspire in his cast-mates…unlike say, Anthony Weiner, whose former sexting buddy Traci Nobles wrote a tell-all ebook about her explicit sojourns with the former New York Congressman. The only thing worse than this digital rush-job (the book is due out this week) is its title: I Freinded You. Yes, that’s the way the former cheerleading coach spelled it. And given that Mr. Weiner’s trangressions took place on Twitter, rather than Facebook, the title might be factually inaccurate as well.

But speaking of Facebook, Paul Ceglia is probably looking for an “unlike” button for Mark Zuckerburg at the moment. The New York resident has just lost his third legal team in a case he’s trying to build that would entitle him to half of Facebook’s earnings based on a 2003 contract. Hasn’t this guy ever heard of the Winklevosses? Cameron and Tyler have been ordered by a New York appeals court to pay out their own lawyers $13 million for their own Facebook settlement. To add insult to injury, members of British Olympic rowing team were quoted in The Guardian calling the twins “a bit geeky” and “not much fun.” To be fair, if you spent half your time in court either suing someone or being sued, you probably wouldn’t be much of a laugh-fest, either.

But laughter’s in short supply anyway. Exhibit A: the frighteningly fast rotating cast of Anything Goes over on Broadway. Stars Joel Grey and Sutton Foster have now been taken out of commission: the former with a foot fracture and the latter with tonsillitis. So if you paid over $100 for a ticket, you’re (seasonally appropriate) in for a trick, not a treat. But not everyone’s faring badly. As far as the Big (Candied) Apple is concerned, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is expecting a sweet deal for himself. By the time the 31st rolls around, he’s confident he’ll be offered a contract renewal. His current payout? $6 million for three years. Sounds like it might be time to Occupy Yankee Stadium. Occupied Time