‘Occupy Art World’ Movement Emerges on Twitter

The avatar for @OccupyArtWorld. (Photo: Twitter)

As protestors continue to rally for a variety of causes downtown, at the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in Zuccotti Park, a Twitter account called @OccupyArtWorld has begun lobbying for change within the art industry, firing off a stream of biting criticisms of today’s contemporary art world.

The account, whose owner is unknown, was started yesterday and has already posted 63 messages, attracting more than 160 followers as of this morning. Here is a short sampling of @OccupyArtWorld’s messages:

  • “Should art dealers provide health coverage for their artists? #occupyartworld”
  • “The greed of bankers? What about the greed of art dealers? #occupyartworld #occupywallstreet”
  • “The artist without a price tag attached and favor of the rich is ignored by the very people who should be preserving our art history.”

The account has also gone after New York magazine critic Jerry Saltz, a recent Twitter adoptee, in the following message, posted an hour ago:

  • “@jerrysaltz Is job security more important to you and your wife than helping out #occupywallstreet? This is the movement you’ve wanted.”

As Gallerist noted last week, protestors associated with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests recently stormed a Sotheby’s auction, temporarily disrupting proceedings. We’ll watch this one as it develops.

‘Occupy Art World’ Movement Emerges on Twitter