Occupy Suits and the Battle of the Editrixes

McCain. (Getty)

It wouldn’t be another glorious fall week in New York if there weren’t more celebrities down at Zuccotti Park. Unfortunately, Kanye has not made a return visit, but Alec Baldwin did put his hours in, as did Meghan McCain, who voiced approval for the message of the 99 percent in her recent Daily Beast column. Ms. McCain’s biggest issue with the protests? Pot smoke and a guy wearing a tinfoil cape. Mr. Baldwin? Hippies pressuring him to admit he’s a libertarian.

In other Occupy news (if you can call it that … it certainly wasn’t in The Occupy Wall Street Journal!), a Staten Island couple has filed paperwork to trademark the term “Occupy Wall St.” When the Smoking Gun asked Robert Maresca if he was just attempting to “crassly” cash in on the anticorporate brand, he replied, “If I didn’t buy it and use it, someone else will.” Ah, the power of the free market.

Speaking of trademarks, The New York Times is playing tug-of-war with the Huffington Post, and not the fun kind, either. No, after losing stars like Peter Goodman and Tim O’Brien to Arianna’s media company, the Gray Lady finally had it when Lisa Belkin jumped ship … and brought the name of her blog (albeit slightly altered) with her. Ms. Belkin’s new HuffPost soapbox is “The Parentlode,” which is rather reminiscent of her former Times column, “The Motherlode.” Sure, it’s different—more gender-neutral!—but not enough for The Times, which fired off a cease-and-desist letter. Arianna Huffington vs. Jill Abramson? That’s one cat (or puppy) fight we’d like to see.

But even the scuffles of the Gray Lady and the Grecian Goddess pale in comparison to the real news of the week: nude photos of Lindsay Lohan. No, not the naked pictures that were spread around the Internet in the mid-aughts after she said she’d never show skin in a film. (Ah, remember the days of Lindsay Lohan thinking she was still going to be doing films?) Nor are we referring to the seminudes she did for the cover of New York magazine. These are new nudes, for Playboy exclusively. Wonder if Ms. Lohan will become one of Hugh Hefner’s new Bunnies: it would certainly beat her current gig, on clean-up duty at a morgue. Of course, if her parole judge were really looking to impose some punishment, he’d assign her to Occupy Wall Street’s Sanitation Committee.


Occupy Suits and the Battle of the Editrixes