Update: Occupy Wall Street Gets Commercialized [Video]

Occupy Wall Street: the commercial

Update: After speaking to the video’s director, David Sauvage, we have updated the original article to clarify the “how” and “who” behind the  ad campaign.

Even better than The Real World or The Dark Knight Rises, Occupy Wall Streeters several independent Occupy Wall Street members decided to make their own press with a new ad campaign, to be launched sometime this week.

According to Business Insider, the goal of $5,000 to make and promote this commercial was reached quickly on the website Loudsauce.com. (Kickstarter has also housed projects by organizations associated with OWS, like The Occupy Wall Street Journal, though technically it would have to be a “creative” project in order to pass the Kickstarter standard of funding.)

It will be interesting to see who was behind this idea: for a group like OWS to create its own positive branding, it would need consensus by the General Assembly. And that’s just in New York! For the commercial to be “passed” by the OWS standards nationwide, who knows how many hoops its creators would have to jump through.

Update: According to Mr. Sauvage, the video was well-received by Occupy Wall Street’s Media and PR Team, but they decided not to use his initial cut — which he put on YouTube — on OccupyWallSt.Org, out of fear that it would strike people as “too commercial.” Mr. Sauvage stressed that the spot was made without the money or funding of OWS, and the matter was never voted on by General Assembly. Ultimately, the video that will be aired will direct viewers to OccupyTogether.org, which is independent of all other Occupy groups and serves as more of a “clearing house” for information on the national  movement, rather than its own separate operation.

The “Who Are We” portion of the Loudsauce’s page reads:

This video was shot in New York City at Occupy Wall Street and produced by director David Sauvage and composer Glenn Grossman. Also jumping in was Sauvage’s longtime friend and colleague Ted Markovic, who provided them with the resources to make this happen.

A few of us saw it on YouTube and thought: this should be on TV. Thanks to LoudSauce, and folks like you, hopefully that will be possible!

Update: The “us” as referred to in the last paragraph refers to other individual members of OWS (as well as Loudsauce’s own co-founder Colin Mutchler, who was approached about the project and asked Mr. Sauvage’s team for permission to raise money for it on his site), and was not meant to be read as an endorsement by the movement as a whole.

The ad will likely play on ESPN, according to the Business Insider article. The Daily Kos has said that it may very well be the “first time a protest movement will air a positive branding ad.Update: Occupy Wall Street Gets Commercialized [Video]