Occupy Wall Street Plans March And “Aerial Demonstration” For Oakland

An Occupy Wall Street Protester in Zuccotti Park. (Getty)

The Occupy Wall Street mothership in Zuccotti Park is will be holding a march “in solidarity with Occupy Oakland” tonight that sounds like it will include interpretive dance and, of course, chanting.

Occupy Wall Street announced the event with a statement expressing outrage over the violent police crackdown on Occupy Oakland protesters.

“Today at Occupy Wall Street we are looking across the country to the city of Oakland, where last night our fellow Americans were subjected to violence at the hands of their own government for exercising the constitutional freedoms their government is sworn to protect,” the statement said.

Occupy Wall Street’s statement accused Oakland police of “arresting 85 people and brutalizing many peaceful participants, using excessive physical force, tear gas, and dangerous projectile rounds.” The group highlighted the case of Marine vet Scott Olson, who fractured his skull after being hit with a tear gas canister.

According to a Facebook page for the nearby Occupy San Francisco protesters, the Occupy Oakland event will feature chants of “New York is Oakland” and “an aerial demonstration planned with people surrounding the word Oakland to show we are all protecting them.” If an interpretive dance routine can’t soften the hearts of urban police forces the world over, nothing will.

Occupy Wall Street Plans March And “Aerial Demonstration” For Oakland