Occupy Wall Street Sneaks Into Sotheby’s Gala [Video]

Watch out, Sotheby's! OWS is coming to your house!

Disclosure: We were sent this video by someone with obvious sympathies and ties to the Occupy Wall Street movement. This video has been edited.

While some of Occupy Wall Street’s protests have focused on picketing outside Sotheby’s and disrupting art auctions since the establishment locked out its art handlers who were part of local Teamsters Local 814, a new form of occupation involves actually going to Sotheby’s parties and trying to get rich people to belittle the movement.

Is anyone surprised that Sotheby’s is still throwing “lavish” parties? Isn’t that what Sotheby’s does? What’s almost more surprising about this video was that this particular quote by one woman – which wasn’t even particularly harsh – was the very worst thing that they could find someone saying about the protesters. Occupy Wall Street Sneaks Into Sotheby’s Gala [Video]