Performance Artist to Give Live Birth in Gallery

Courtesy of Microscope Gallery

Well, here’s a weird one. The pregnant performance artist Marni Kotak, who has done things like reenact the first time she had sex, will be giving birth inside of Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery for a piece titled, “The Birth of Baby X.”

Beginning tomorrow, Ms. Kotak will be living in the gallery as she waits for her contractions. The birth is expected to begin within the next five or six weeks. The Village Voice recently caught up with Ms. Kotak to ask her a few questions:

“VV: Can you explain how a performance art experience is different than, say, an onstage performance?

MK: A performance art experience is more real than an onstage performance if it possesses a raw immediacy that cannot be captured, and therefore cannot be acted out, as in a work of theater.”

Exactly! Like, uh, actually giving birth in front of a bunch of people.

“My focus will be on having my baby,” she told the Village Voice. “I know it will be challenging, but I think if people give birth in the completely inhospitable environment of hospitals, hooked up to IVs and monitors and strapped with stirrups into a bed, I can give birth in an art gallery.”

Ah, what better way to start life than in the warm and nurturing atmosphere of an art gallery? Luckily, Ms. Kotak will have a doula on hand–rather than an art handler–to see that the child’s birth is a healthy one.

Performance Artist to Give Live Birth in Gallery