Planners Assoc. says Christie economic plan can be positive step

TRENTON – The N.J. chapter of the American Planning Association said that if Gov. Christie, with his new economic growth plan, can get state agencies to cooperate, then it will have been a positive step.

“Whether you like his approach to governance or not, Governor Christie is a strong leader – and that is what the State Plan has been lacking in recent years,” the Association said in a release this afternoon.

“Planning decisions are local in New Jersey. The State Strategic Plan must not overlook the essential role that municipalities and counties play in making economic development happen.”

The plan calls for, among other things, designating growth areas for certain industries.

The Association said, “We no longer live in an age of ‘If you build it, they will come.’ So, if you want to attract jobs, you need an efficient transportation system to get people to work; communities where people want to live and work; affordable homes for people to live; and a clean and healthy environment. This will take a comprehensive approach, at all levels of government.”

The Association represents approximately 1,100 planners in the state and advocates for sound land use planning.

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Planners Assoc. says Christie economic plan can be positive step