Politics: Bringing out the best in people since 1776

For a dull campaign season this one seems to have taken a serious turn for the unseemly.

In the latest incident that makes us want to head for a Silkwood shower, Somerset County Democratic Chairwoman Peg Schaffer is defending a campaign piece that will be hitting mailboxes this week criticizing Republican Assemblyman Peter Biondi for a poor attendance record in the Assembly during the past two years.

Biondi has been battling cancer over that span and has missed the sessions because of the illness.  But that didn’t stop Schaffer from opining on Biondi’s missed votes.

“He has my empathy but I still think it’s an issue for the voters to deal with,” Schaffer told the Courier News. “I don’t want to sound callous, but it’s a sad fact of reality. The voters elected him to do the job (and) I think the voter gets to decide.” 

The 16th was virtually unwinnable for the Democrats before this mailer, but this one could actually cause the D’s to owe votes when all is said and done.

What’s next for Schaffer?  Besides a well-deserved appearance on this Friday’s losers list, we’ve heard tell of a kid who has missed a month of school with Leukemia. 

Update: Sources familiar with the campaign in the 16th say nobody was aware Biondo was battling cancer when the mailers were designed.  The defense of the attack, however, came after the news was out. Politics: Bringing out the best in people since 1776